About Us

Did you know that there are more women than men at many liberal arts colleges, but that women are underrepresented in science and math studies at the graduate level, and in research in these fields nationally?

The College of Arts and Science at NYU has instituted a Women in Science (WINS) program that seeks to cultivate the talents of women undergraduates who are interested in careers that focus on research in science and math. A core group of undergraduate women, WINS Scholars, are selected after the first year based on high academic achievement and a demonstrated interest in research and a career in science.  WINS aims to nurture the talents of WINS Scholars through an individualized program of study, research, and mentoring. Our goal is to provide the foundation for lifelong success in professional and academic careers that involve research in anthropology, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, mathematics, neural science, physics, or psychology.

WINS scholars meet regularly as a group, offer peer support to each other, meet with instructors and women scientists invited to address the group, and host events that enable them to meet eminent scientists from STEM fields. WINS scholars also raise awareness on campus of the enormous contribution women have made to the sciences. Most importantly, each WINS scholar will be put in touch with a woman researcher at NYU who will act as a professional mentor, and even offer the opportunity for work in her lab. WINS scholars also benefit from annual scholarship funds.