Congratulations to WINS members

Nicolette Payne and Cindy Tsui who will be receiving President's Service awards on
April 22. Nikki and Cindy will receive this prestigious award for their distinguished achievements in the promotion of learning, leadership, and quality of student life at New York University. We are proud of them!

The 2014 Application is Available

Second-semester freshmen, rising juniors, and rising seniors are eligible to apply. The deadline for applying for admission to the WINS program for Fall 2014 is May 30, 2014. Acceptances will be sent out in June 2014.

Undergraduates from NYU-Poly and Abu Dhabi can use the same application form:
  WINS 2014 Application

Featured Women in Science

maryammodjaz_nyupic.jpg  WINS Profile: Dr. Maryam Modjaz
  Dr. Maryam Modjaz is an Assistant Professor of
  Physics at the Center for Cosmology and Particle
  Physics at New York University. Her research is a
  form of “stellar forensics” investigation working to
  identify the stellar progenitors and the explosion
  conditions that lead to various forms of stellar
  death for a massive star, specifically by examining
  the habitats of different kinds of explosions.
  Dr. Modjaz received her Ph.D. from Harvard
  University in 2007, where she also received the
  Fireman Prize for an outstanding Ph.D. dissertation.
  Her work has been featured on NPR, Astronomy
  Now, and in a feature article in UC Berkeley’s
  “California” magazine. At NYU, Dr. Modjaz teaches
  the CORE class, “Quarks to Cosmos,” the undergraduate level class, “Observational Astronomy,” as well as the graduate level class, “Stars.”
Dr. Modjaz states her interest in physics began as a child reading science fiction books and watching movies. “I especially liked the Belgian comic book series called ‘Yoko Tsuno,’ which is about the female electrical engineer Yoko Tsuno, with Japanese origin, who has adventures with her friends on earth and in outer space - always having to do with science and technology, as well as with people. In hindsight I realize now that she was a bit of role model, as she was like me, a scientist, from a different culture, and valued people and friendships,” stated Modjaz.
Dr. Modjaz encourages future women in science to find something of deep interest to pursue as well as a group of support. “Be it other students or faculty who get to know you as a person, cheer you on when you do well and support you when things are rough. There can be many sources of support - your fellow students, faculty who taught you and/or with whom you are doing research, their research group people, and organizations like WINS. So I think groups like WINS are a great starting point for that,” Modjaz said.

Dr. Modjaz's Personal Webpage